Robinson Crusoe


Rok vydání: 2013
Délka: 1 hodina, 22 minut, 54 sekund


Klasická audiopovídka v angličtině namluvená rodilým mluvčím. Jazyková úroveň B1 pro středně pokročilé posluchače.

Robinson Crusoe is shipwrecked on an island for 27 years and this is the diary of his survival and eventual escape. After living peacefully for 25 years, cannibals start visiting the island and Crusoe rescues a captive whom he calls Friday. Together they rescue more captives, a Spaniard, and Friday’s father who promises to help them escape to Europe. Before this help arrives though, Crusoe and Friday manage to capture an English ship from its mutineers and grateful captain takes them to England.